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A group photo of some of the Sequence Break team shows 18 people huddled together, smiling.

Presenting Companies

Sequence Break Productions

Born from the development of Asynchrony with Monash Uni Student Theatre, Sequence Break Productions specialises in creating live experiences that unite the realms of theatre and video games. Breaking from the traditional model of theatre, we strive to give audiences newfound levels of agency in the context of theatrical experiences. Sequence Break pushes the boundaries of live events in digital spaces and explores how interactive digital technologies are incorporated into physical events.

Monash Uni Student Theatre (MSA)

MUST is the place where the artists of the future can experiment with what tomorrow could be. Here we create the conditions that encourage all students to become artists in a diverse set of performance-based fields. We prioritise both process and product, supporting emerging artists to develop best practices within their career, self, and community and create dynamic, resonant performance experiences. The art we make is inventive, hopeful, and sincere. It contributes to the wider growth and impact of the performing arts sector. Students leave with well-rounded practical experience and clear pathways for continued artistic endeavours and self-development. We value respect, accessibility, and joy while preparing a generation of expressive artists to forge a better future. The Sequence Break team is thrilled to have developed Asynchrony with MUST over the course of 2021.

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Freya Solnordal

Freya is our Creative Director and Media Contact.

We welcome any members of the media or general public to reach out to her if you have any questions!

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