Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asynchrony?

Asynchrony is an online, video game performance experience where actors and audience members play the video game Minecraft together on their computers while connected through a voice call on the app Discord. The experience unites the realms of theatre and video gaming by telling a live, interactive story within the medium of Minecraft, allowing players to explore a vast, handcrafted digital world and speak directly with the characters that inhabit it.

What do I need to take part in the experience?

To participate in Asynchrony, you will need:

How do I join the show?

After you book your ticket, you will be sent the Tour Guidebook with specific instructions on how to join the show, including links to our servers. But for those curious as to the process: 10 minutes before the start of the show you will need to open Discord and join the Asynchrony Server’s “Waiting Room” voice channel. You will need to open Minecraft, and connect to our multiplayer Minecraft server. Everything else will be taken care of by our tech team in the Asynchrony control room. It’s that simple!

Where do I access the Tour Guidebook?

On the Adelaide Fringe website, log into your Adelaide Fringe account. Then click on "My Videos" or "My Watch From Home" in order to find the link to the Tour Guidebook that will step you through the process of joinin the show. Click here for a visual walkthrough.

Does Asynchrony have any content warnings?

Asynchrony contains non-graphic video game violence. Participants unused to video game movement may experience motion sickness.

How do I download Minecraft?

Before you download Minecraft, you first need to create a Minecraft account and purchase the game. Follow this link to create an account. Once your account has been created, you will then be stepped through the process of purchasing and downloading Minecraft Java Edition. We require you to have a legal Minecraft account to participate in this experience.

What edition of Minecraft do I need?

You will need to have Minecraft Java Edition (which is the version for PC, e.g. not Xbox, iPad or Nintendo Switch). If you need to check it should say “Minecraft - Java Edition” on the title page after launching the game.

What is Discord and how do I get it?

Discord is an instant messaging platform that also allows voice calls in a private space called a ‘server’.

If you do not have a Discord account, follow this link to create one. Discord is a free service.

Discord works easily in your browser, however there is also an app that can be downloaded for Desktop here, or for Mobile via your app store, if you would find this more convenient.

Do I need any extra equipment (e.g. a mouse)?

All you will need is a device that can run Java Minecraft and Discord. We recommend you use headphones and a microphone so you can talk in the experience and a mouse as it can make playing Minecraft much easier. It’s all up to you but we want you to have fun and be comfortable in the experience!

Will I be told what to do or can I explore on my own?

Both! There will be tour guides that will help you along the way and ~guide~ the experience for you, but there will also be plenty of opportunities to run around and explore for yourself.

Can I come with friends?

Please do!

Can I join in from home?

You sure can, you can play from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer to run Minecraft and a solid internet connection.

Who can I contact if I need help?

After purchasing a ticket, you will be sent a handy guide called the Tour Guidebook prior to the show which will walk you through how to set up Minecraft and discord for the optimal playing experience. The tour guides will also be able to assist you while in the game.

If you are struggling specifically with setting up Minecraft there are heaps of handy resources online, such as forums and Minecraft’s own FAQs.

We also have a performance guide (found on our home page) that has a brief synopsis (spoiler free), as well as a game summary and full plot summary (containing spoilers). If you have any other questions or queries you are welcome to email us at

Do I need experience to join?

This game will be best experienced if you are able to move comfortably in Minecraft (but comfortable doesn’t mean super well!). We have created a tutorial map that you can download and play prior to the show if you want to learn or revise skills that will be helpful in the show, but we also recommend that if you are completely new to the game to practice on your own in survival mode. The overall difficulty level of the show is low but to have the best experience you will want to feel confident in being able to move around.

What if I can’t play Minecraft but want to watch the show, can I still do that?

Unfortunately, there is no ticket option for just watching as this is an interactive experience. However, you are more than welcome to watch a friend play through the experience.

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