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Laura Woodbridge,

Edinburgh Fringe audience member

So. Asynchrony. What can I possibly say about Asynchrony?

We live in uncertain times. How many times have you heard that phrase in the past year, the past week, or even just today? But there is one thing I can be certain about: Asynchrony was an experience I will treasure for a very long time.

I think when you are confined to your own home, missing everyone, missing everything, there are few things that are truly successful at bridging all those gaps you have with wider society. But by golly, Asynchrony was one of those things for me. I did participate in the show many times, but it takes just one show to completely change your perspective upon what live theatre, video games, and lockdown-friendly entertainment can be.

The themes! The engrossing story! The beautiful, engaging sets and world that will stick in my head forever. Such entrancing images, and a truly gorgeous storyline. The capacity for interaction with both actors and fellow audience members opened up the world in a way nothing else could - and in a way which could be suited to any type of audience member.

The production/creative team behind this show must be downright geniuses to create such a piece of art - particularly one that was so successful at crafting a genuine sense of interpersonal connection in these fraught and "uncertain times".

Three cheers to Asynchrony!


Edinburgh Fringe audience member

An amazing show in a lovingly constructed Minecraft world, using its online setting to be interactive and immersive in ways that would be difficult or impossible for in-person theatre. Very much recommended!


Edinburgh Fringe audience member

This show was incredibly fun and engaging. A brilliant concept, created by an extremely talented team that is pushing the boundaries of interactive theatre. The cast were incredibly witty and their interactions with the audience made the show so fun and personal. Highly recommend.


Edinburgh Fringe audience member

This show has the most ingenious concept I've ever come across!! It's so interactive and engaging - it really keeps your attention and peaks your interest at every twist and every corner! It's not only a fun and interesting storyline, it's also a fabulous introduction to Minecraft for new gamers, as well as exposing new potential opportunities and possibilities for gaming veterans! The cast and crew are absolutely fantastic - an all-round great experience! Would absolutely recommend!


Edinburgh Fringe audience member

Highly recommended! Asynchrony is a wonderfully weird and creative journey with low-pressure interactivity. The level of detail in the design of this show is incredible. Being in a voice call with the actors really made it engaging and hilarious. The cast was so good at bouncing off each other and the audience. Also shout out to the front of house people who welcome you and help you set up before the show.

Asynchrony is also pretty accessible for people like me who have hardly played Minecraft before. I was terrible at navigating around but everyone was super helpful!


Edinburgh Fringe audience member

A super fun, interactive storytelling experience that even casual Minecraft players can get on board with! I have been to 4 screenings of Asynchrony so far and it’s great every time as you get a whole new crew of players to hang out with each time and you can change your path to play out a different version of the story than you experienced before. Highly recommend this fun theatrical adventure for teens and above. What makes it even better is that you do not have to leave your house to attend!

Tara C,

Edinburgh Fringe audience member

WOW. This show was absolutely incredible! The visuals were absolutely mindblowing and I can't imagine the work that would have gone into this. I haven't used Minecraft since I was about 14, so my skills were quite limited, which I was nervous about. But the characters were so likeable and made me feel so welcome in the space. I was so into it, for moments I forgot we were in a game. It's amazing to see such creativity come out of such a difficult time for theatre.

Pip Elder,

Edinburgh Fringe audience member

This was so much fun. I was a total noobie at Minecraft (literally downloaded for this show) but that wasn’t an issue (I got lost once but at a single ‘hey where are you’ I had several characters come to my rescue!). It was unique, fun and exciting, something I never thought I’d enjoy but I completely did. I would do it again. Tip: do the Minecraft tutorial beforehand if you are like me, it really helps!

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